Why should you choose handmade soaps?

Our skin is the largest part of the body and so it is important that your skin is not exposed to harsh and harmful chemicals, synthetic fragrances and colours.  

Most commercial "soaps" you buy from the drugstore are not soap but detergents. These detergents are synthetic agents that often contain harsh chemicals and hardeners that can be irritating for the skin.

Besides, handmade soap is environmentally friendly because it is completely biodegradable, while detergents are non-biodegradable.

Soap bars use less or no packaging, so you don't have to trash lots of body wash plastic bottles.

Another reason is artisan soap is designed and handmade in small batches by artists, who put a ton of love and labour into each bar they create.  Each bar is unique, beautiful, beneficial, and luxurious!  That's why you should treasure every bar you purchased!

To love the nature and your body, switch to use handmade soap today!

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