Why are there little white beads in some skin care products?

The whitish beads are concentrated beads of nourishing plant butters which solidify into little butter bits as they cool.

Natural unrefined and unprocessed butters, like our Shea butter, will occasionally separate in some products with changes in temperature.  Don't worry this concentrated beads of butter will melt as you massage the product into your skin. 

Our YouTube link to show you massage hands by using our hand balm:

https://youtu.be/Hfoiyo7KocQ  (please copy and paste on browser to open)

We know that unrefined butters are much more nourishing than refined.  The refining process removes the colour, scent and also most of the natural healing properties.  

Our promise is to create the best natural, nourishing skincare products, so we formulate our products without synthetic stabilizers. This is the reason why we use unrefined shea if possible.  

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