Butter & Soap Co. Hemp and Olive Nail and Hand Butter

Simple DIY Hand Balm Recipe

What is Hand Balm?

Hand balm is a hand-care product which is made with wax, oils, vitamins and essential oils or fragrance oils that put on hands to prevent or repair skin damaged from dryness and cracking.

What are the difference between hand balm and hand cream?

One of the main properties that stand out in hand balms is that they are way more concentrated than hand creams, and they contain an amalgam of essential oils for your skin. 

While hand creams contain aqua, and therefore they are very hydrating for your skin.  And because of the high water content in them to keep your skin hydrated, they might evaporate soon too.  So, if your skin is easy to feel dry and like it stays longer on your skin, hand balm is your better choice!

It is hard to say which one is better than the other, both are suitable for different skin types and different environments.  For example, If in humid and hot season, you may just want to moisturize hands with lighter texture, you may choose lotion for oily to normal skin and cream for normal to dry skin.   However, if in dry and cold season, you may choose hand balm to get your hands moisturized longer!  Hand balm and hand cream have their own features, it's recommended to sample them before purchase.  

I would like to share with you one of a simple DIY Hand Balm Recipe that you can make it for family and friends!


Size:  Four 2oz Tins or more for smaller containers

Time: 30-60 mins (faster for using microwave and longer for double boiler)

Coconut oil 110g 55%
Shea Butter 60g 30%
Castor Oil 8g 4%
Beeswax 22g 11%
Vitamin E (optional) 2 drops
Essential Oil 84 drops


1.  Use a double boiler or microwave to melt beeswax, when it melts add coconut oil and shea butter, melt in the same container completely.

2.  In the same container, add castor oil, stir well.

3.  Let it cool down a bit, add vitamin E and check temperature with a thermometer, add essential oil under their burning point (different essential oil has their own burning point, you may search it on google).



4.  After adding essential oils, stir well, then pour in containers carefully.  Wait for 10 mins or longer depends on your room temperature, cover it with lids.

5.  Prepare labels.  You may print it your own or print by a label printing company for more professional look!  Both are good, depend on your budget. :)



Butter & Soap co. hand balm cover

This label is printed from home by direct thermal label printer


Butter & Soap Co. Hemp and Olive Hand and Nail Butter

These labels are printed by a label printing company: StickerCanada


Did you make this recipe?

I'm happy to see your work!  Picture and Tag me IG @butternsoapco

No, i don't have time to make...

We knew you're busy and so we made it for you neither hand balm nor hand cream but a hand BUTTER!  It is creamier and easy to absorb with non greasy formula; perfect use in the fall/winter or all seasons for dry and sensitive skin.  It's time to update your cosmetic pouch, grab one and add into your bag!

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Hope your beautiful hands are moisturized and soften all the time! 

Have a wonderful day!


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