Local Artisan Soap Shop

Our products are available on Freshfind.ca

Freshfind.ca is an online marketplace for small-batch local-made food & crafts in Toronto.

At freshfind.ca you will find some unique, small-batch goods offered by real people in and around Toronto.

✓ Every purchase you make provides a livelihood for a local artisan and their family. Each item is uploaded and sold by the producer.

✓ Local, small-scale production means more hands-on care from real humans. Notice the difference in quality and uniqueness of each item!

✓ All artisans produce in small-scale and care about who is consuming their products and what impact it has on the environment.

✓ When you shop small, your money stays and circulates within the local economy, helping our communities thrive, unlike buying from big corporate producers.

Butter & Soap Co is so happy to be invited to join the group and hope our products will benefit to our local neighbours!

To visit our store at Freshfind.ca:


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