Natural Skincare Tips

Natural Skincare Tips

Why daily skincare is so important?

The answer is simple, it helps your skin stay in good condition and look younger! We suggest this super easy and basic 4 steps for you. It's Never too late to start!


Step 1: Cleanse your Face with our gentle and super cleansing facial soap bar


Step 2: Use our Firming Botanical Facial Toner for pores tightening


Step 3: Apply serum. You may apply more then one serum for your needs. If you have no idea, Our Eyes and Face Serum is great choice for your start.


Step 4: Put Moisturizer. Our Shea & Cocoa Butter Cream not only for body but also can put on face, it is super moisturizing without greasy feelings. However, you may change to use facial lotion which is lighter in humid and warm season.


*This is NOT a comprehensive skincare, it's just a basic skincare concept for everyone :)





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