Collaborate with Lp Boutique

Collaborate with Lp Boutique

Butter & Soap Co. Collaboration with Lp Boutique

Handmade soaps are very friendly to our environment and our skin, they are zero waste, biodegradable and contain nutrients that skin love.  Since then, Lp Boutique is also selling our products online at their poshmark closet.

Lp Boutique is an online recycled fashion store humbly started under Poshmark Canada platform.  Their goal is to reduce waste by bringing second-hand stuffs to new owners. 

If you did not purchase at poshmark before, use our code "BUTTERNSOAP" create an account and get $15 credit on your first purchase!

Moreover, Poshmark has partnered with Tentree planted more than 30,000 trees in New Brunswick.  That means every dollar you spent in Lp Boutique is actually supporting tree planting programs, giving a second-hand item a new life and supporting Butter & Soap Co. to make more handmade biodegradable soaps!

No matter you are purchasing from our website or via Lp Boutique, you are taking steps to reduce waste to the environment!

"If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way." ~ Napoleon Hill

Thank you for reading and hope you find something you like from our store!


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