Natural Ginger Soap Recipe

Natural Ginger Soap Recipe - Can you put ginger peels in soap making? Of course you can!

You may find ginger in almost every kitchen, people love ginger in cooking.  Will you throw away all ginger peels after cooking?   Ginger peels is actually the best part of ginger, don't waste it!  Ginger peel is edible. It contains twice the beneficial polyphenols as the flesh and importantly, unique and distinct compounds. 


Another way to cut down the food waste is save ginger peels for ginger soap making.  We will share our ginger soap recipe is added ginger peels here below. Ginger has a number of beneficial properties, both medically and cosmetically.  It improves better circulation in body so that to improve your skin quality and looks more healthy, reduce skin problems and so some consider it to be a good facial and skin cleanser.

In this recipe, we used a chunk of ginger to boil ginger water, cool down and replaced distilled water to make lye solution, we also added ground ginger and ginger peels into oil base.  We made half unscented and half scented.  This soap is all natural and suitable for all skin type.  Hope you like it!

3.5lb 56Oz Natural Ginger Soap Recipe:    

Superfat 7%  


Ginger Water                                          16.8

*Sodium Hydroxide.                                7.58

Olive Oil                                                   28

Coconut Oil                                             14

Shea Butter Oil                                        10.8

Castor Oil                                                 3.92

Ground Ginger (2 tsp)

ginger peels (1tbsp in soap) 3tbsp on top for decor


Fresh ginger water and ginger peels

prepare 16.8Oz ginger water boiled from a chunk of fresh ginger and dried ginger peels.

ginger water and sodium hydroxide
Use ginger water to replace distilled water mix with sodium hydroxide.


mix lye solution into oils

Use double boiler to melt all solid oils, add ground ginger and ginger peels in oils mix together.  Then mix lye solution into oils, blend well.

soap batter in mold

Pour soap batter into mold.  Unmold at least 24 hours later and cut.

We love to see your work!

Follow our recipe, share your ginger soap pictures on our instagram #butternsoapco.  

*This recipe is ONLY for experienced soap maker, if you never make cold process soap before please refer to some other reading material on how to handle sodium hydroxide (lye).  Goggles and face mask must put on during soap making.  




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